Art Educator Vs. Artist

If I could say it in words there would be no reason to paint.

Pablo Picasso

The mind lifts the hands forever. For most of the artists, making art is not a profession but a calling. The most radical art of all is something that very last. Making art is the sense of urgency that can dominate at any age. Perhaps that is true that artists stay young for longer. As a practicing artist, I found teaching art to children and adults is a way to keep my spirit, vision and integrity intact, a sense of purpose through serving the community.


The ability of making art doesn’t necessary automatically transfer to a language which can relate with children.

The passion of education and serving through years of observing children and teaching children, makes me realized the need in this area in our local community.

When an artist making art, they are very much inside themselves; on the contrary, when teaching art, especially to children, she/he has to love the interaction with children and the ability to listen to young children before their own thoughts and ideas come in the way, then to imply the knowledge of art history, use of medium, skills, artistic inspirations into the communication.


At the time of teaching, I have to put students needs in front of my own, constantly looking for a better way to communicate with children rather than express my own. It is very satisfying to use my skill and knowledge to nurture the little ones. This is the area I found immense pleasure in building family and community, and at the same time, I always be down to the earth understanding lives through day in and day out activities, edifying one’s spirit through freedom and art making. Drawing and painting with articulation is one of the best form of art alongside with music and literature.

(Images Credit to Ana, Age 5.5 )