Why I Love to Teach

Great art picks up where nature ends.

Marc Chagall

There is no more enjoyment and satisfaction than seeing little ones eagerness to learn, passionate to express, and joy on their face when they making a piece of art during the class.


I have a natural instinct on how to find out who this little person are, making them to lead themselves to explore the unknown world through art. Children enjoyed it and can’t wait to come back again!!


When children are happy they are learning.


I see this in all my three children, none of them are forced to learn anything, but be prepared structurally for various things they love to do. And they haven’t stopped any classes they enjoying.


I am currently doing my yearly absence from the busy, practical mentality Singapore, to explore more ideas and new way of making my art. Sitting on the little streets of Florence doing people watching, I can see a new art form starts to evolve in from of my eyes. I am grateful. 


When I am alone and making my own art in the studio, there are a lot I want to express as a person, and I can relate with the kids easily in this area, and trying to nurture the little space for them to do so. I know when I was six I will be working with my hands, since I enjoyed so much satisfaction in doing that myself, I would easily relate with the children how they feel, and try to listen to them attentively when they express themselves, verbally or visually.

It is like you live your childhood once again. J Absolutely love it.