We offer professional Drawing and Painting Lessons for children from ages 6 to 15, preschool to ‘O’ levels.

The vision of the art school is to equip students with lifelong learning for the arts.
We teach foundational to mature techniques in drawing and painting.
Our lessons incorporate holistic understanding of self-expression, art theory and practice.

Our class size is kept to a maximum of 1 teacher : 5 students. This ensures quality of teaching and learning.

Your child will be taught by Artean Studio’s founder, Teacher Wang. She is a professional artist and educator with children of her own. She is dedicated to help your child succeed with a love of learning and the arts.

To enrol in one of our classes, please download the form Artean-Studio-Enrolment and email it to us at info@arteanstudio.com

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"Teacher Wang is a professional artist with keen understand of children. Her rigour for teaching, making lessons interesting, fostering critical learning are precious. After a year of following her, I have seen vast improvement in my kids' ability to make and think about art. This is an apprenticeship rarely available in Singapore." Ms Dawn Fung


师者如兰,学高仅为师,身正方为范。Ocean老师教授美术技能的同时也通过对历史、哲学问题的探讨帮孩子们建立正确的人生观和价值观,培养他们高雅的举止和高尚的情操。师从Ocean老师的这段时光一定会为孩子们美好的童年增添灿烂的一页。" 赵微

"Ocean is patient and intuitive, and provides an accepting yet challenging space for my son to explore personal expression. He looks forward to her art classes and is joyful about completing new pieces of art under her guidance." Ms Melanie Lee